1234 Reversal Pattern Indicator

I have been researching the 1234 Reversal Patterns that occur across all time frames &

would like for someone to code an indicator to

locate these points on the charts & mark them

with 1234. More information can be found on

Strategy. These patterns can be spotted

without an indicator, but it would be much

easier & have better clarity with an indicator.

Thanks for any views, comments & any help

with coding this indicator.

Would you give some consideration to coding

this indicator? It seem there is no interest so far from anyone. I would be most greatful for

I want to help, but coding a pattern detector is a pain in the ***. I had tried coding this for another member, but it wasn't really working.

Hope other professional programmers help you.

Tks for the honest answer & that is what I

suspected. This would be a very difficult

code to do. Again, tks for the response.

I am not a programmer, but I think that the main difficulty with patterns is their subjectivity. I remember reading Jack Schwagers boog on technical analysis , about the classical patterns like Head and Shoulders, flag, etc. It was written and shown in general how the thing should look like, but so poor on details. THe width of the pattern can be different, the timing, the proportion, the size, maybe this is why it is hard to code. Too much variable details.

Tks for you view & I agree. It would be most

difficult for this to be coded & it to work

correctly. I had one programmer that came

close & is still working on it, but its been wks

& not word on it working properly. I think it

would be a nice indicator if it would work.

im not much of a programmer but surely if you can code a zigzag or fractal indcator you could, in turn program - 1-2-3-4 Forex Reversal Trading Strategy

eg if a zigzag turns at point 3 an order is put in at the high of point 2

Barry Standers has a similar indicator but it's 1-2-3 pattern.

does the barry stranders 123 have a time limit on the use f it?


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