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123 (ABC) Wave Pattern Counter Indicator for NinjaTrader

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Real-time NinjaTrader Indicator for pattern recognition that identifies all 123 wave patterns (a.k.a. ABC wave patterns) for both up (buying the low) and down (selling the high) directions. After a 1 point is identified, the indicator will find and label all 2 and 3 points associated with the 1 turning point. There would be several 2 and 3 points for waves of different size depending on the length of the trend. This indicator is fully customizable with options to adjust the sensitivity of the pattern recognition thresholds and use the patterns as part of your stop-loss conditions.

A 123 wave pattern is a strong reversal and trend signal that occurs when a market or stock makes a new high or low.

*The basic version of this NinjaTrader Indicator from Indicator Warehouse is for use with one NinjaTrader computer license. Multiple license packages are available.


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