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Our Forex Signals are made up of over 75 trading patterns !

Just sit back and wait for Forex Buy & Sell Signals (Audio Alerts Optional)

Powerful Combinations

Powerful trading tools when combined give clear signals:

Forex Signals

Perfect for BOTH New Traders and Forex Experts!

INSTEAD of developing a trading system that works some days, loses others, we have created a SERIES of over 125 different PATTERNS in 25+ different categories of trades including:

Range Bar Charting + Intelligent Trailing Stops

Plus Many More Currency Trading Tools

Set your own price levels or use ours published each night including most of our trading systems and BE Alerted by your choice of audio alert, email or SMS cell alerts!

Our quote sheet lists currencies and automatically sorts them from strongest to weakest. That's not the BEST part, it also automatically puts them on your charts in this order. Have two monitors? Great! . Put strongest currencies on one monitor and the weakest ones on the other and FOCUS on trading the strongest trends!

Watch multiple time frame FX Trend Reversal Signals on ONE chart so you'll never miss an exit level and possible counter trend trade. Also know when markets have gone up/down statistically too far so you can exit trend trades and enter counter trend when our momentum tools tell you to.

Our Fibonacci Retracement , Fibonacci Profit Target and Time Extension tool finds trend and counter trend trades and is what we teach our students to use as targets. We also have standard drawing tools such as Trend line, Andrews Pitchfork, and our Forex Trend Channels you may not find elsewhere that show both buy and sell zones.

Our Balance Point Line shows you where most traders have positions and is a support & resistance tool and a place to look to enter trades.

Our Trend Reversal indicator Alerts you to when trends have run out of steam and when to look for counter trend trades.

Our Chandelier Trailing Stop is a self adapting stop that moves with the markets and automatically tightens when volatility decreases. We find it keeps you in the majority of Trend Moves.

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